Debbie Baxter

What Is It About Trees?

I have painted all my life and looking back I was always interested in drawing and painting trees. Growing up in the middle of nature surrounded by woodland on all sides I realize how much I was engaged with the landscape around me.

My Mother is a successful wildlife artist and she has influenced my love of nature and the desire to connect with it through art. I have found focus in flora,traveling far and wide to search out trees, forests, and woodlands that grasp my imagination.

I Studied at The St Albans School of Art and now regard the painting of trees has taken me on a journey of discovery. 

I lived for some years in Indonesia where colour is striking and vivid. It taught me never to be afraid of the wide variety of hues nature has to offer in England’s woodlands, and forests – I am proud to be connected with this ancient heritage of flora and feel honored to bare witness to this keystone species on a daily basis.

Debbie is a well known and collected arboreal artist and a member of The Cambridge Drawing Society, which was established in 1882. 

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