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ice cold in alice

The name ‘Alice’ and the town ‘Alice Springs’, Australia, inspired the quilt. When I imagine ‘Alice Springs’ I envisage bright primary colours pulsating with heat, whereas the name ‘Al-ice’ conjures up cold, clear pastel colours. The shapes used in the quilt are derived from the traditional log cabin pattern and represent; blood, sweat, tears and toil.

This quilt is my colour-play interpretation of the combination of both ‘Alice’s’. - ‘Alice Springs Down Under, moves geographically up north, to Polar regions, hence the title - Ice Cold in Alice.

Size: h 120 x w 140cm

Technique: Improvisationall cut and fused. Machine stitched and quilted .
Materials: 100% cotton, filling and backing

Ice Cold In Alice

47" x 55"
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