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Rhosyn Coch - Red Rose

Statement: Made for and dedicated to my husband who loved to grow flowers in our garden - especially roses and to our dog Charlie – who loved to dig them up!

A red rose for me is an emblem that represents love and that is why I have used it as the main inspiration for this piece of work.

Size: finished size h 120cm x w 204cm for triptych (each panel measures: 120cm high x 66cm wide)

Technique: Improvisational cut and fused wall quilt. Machine stitched and quilted

Materials: 100% Cotton upper. Cotton filling and backing

Display requirements: Basic hanging from a batten – NB two battens required for each quilt – one for the top sleeve, which is screwed to the wall and the second (not screwed to the wall) is inserted into the bottom sleeve to give added weight to the quilt for hanging purposes.

Rhosyn Coch - Red Rose

47" x 94.5" for all 3
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