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Celtic Connections

fishing boats at sea oil painting

Penny Rumble


30" x 36"
seascape painting

Penny Rumble

A Rush Of White Water

30" x 30"
penny rumble painting

Penny Rumble


20" x 20"

Barbara Wagner

You Live With It I

24cm x 21cm
Outsider art print

Roger Davison


23" x 16"

Penny Rumble


Image 55cm x 47cm . Framed 66cm x 56cm
Abstract expressionist painting

Bill Zima

Flinter Hill High Spout

36" x 30"
Peter Rossiter abstract art

Peter Rossiter

Winter Sun

20" x 24"
abstract expressionist painting

Bill Zima

Hog Gill Spout

50cm x 50cm
Therese james painting

Therese James

Setting The Spirits Free

30cm x 30cm
penny rumble artist

Penny Rumble

J'adore Danser

Image 19.75" x 19.75"
penny rumble artist

Penny Rumble

Borne Up By The Wind

Image 27.5" x 19.75"