Lorraine was born in London and studied sculpture for several years before undertaking a Fine Art Degree. She currently spends much of the year in the French Alps, which is a great inspirational source and influences much of her work. Lorraine now primarily paints and is inspired by experimenting with new media including acrylic paints and inks, oil paints, metal leaf, and pouring and blending mediums.


The main subject matter focuses on landscape, described in an ever-abstracted style, and is informed by her scientific and musical background, often referencing rhythm, form and interval. She is drawn to abstraction as she feels that the loose visual description allows more freedom for interpretation, offering a greater sense of visual journey and slowing down the experience to allow the viewer to explore and connect with the artwork on a deeper, more personal level.


The notion of abstraction originated from the fascination of illusory space and our perception of what we think we see. Having studied sculpture for many years, Lorraine is drawn to creating two-dimensional works with aspects of the three-dimensional world, whether it is presented as an object or as a two-dimensional form that alludes to an added depth.


Being highly myopic from an early age, she recalls the indistinct, blurry forms of colours and tones blending haphazardly and trying to decipher and interpret these images. It is her intention to use this approach in unlocking the imagination and to project the viewer into this psychological portal beyond the barrier of the artwork.


Lorraine regularly exhibits a collection of work in corporate spaces throughout the UK including EY, Napp, Grant Thornton and Oxera, and has been a member of several art societies for many years, including the Royal Society of Sculptors (nominated and elected in 2011). She also exhibits in France and is represented by galleries in the UK and France.


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