We are pleased to sell works on behalf of Michael Strang. Michael trained at Wimbledon and Camberwell Schools of Art from 1968 to 1973, studying under David Poole, President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, among others. Since then his large body of eye-catching, thought-provoking oils – which include natural and man-made landscapes, seascapes, floral arrangements, flowering fields, hedgerows, still-life and portraits – have become increasingly sought-out by collectors. Widely regarded as Britain’s best living Impressionist.

Look carefully at one of his oil paintings and you feel the spiritual imperative that spurs him on to produce wonderful art on a daily basis. He is not a man who has devoted his entire life to painting because it is a job but because, like other masters of the genre, he cannot resist its pull. “A painting is but a prayer; a communication with the very essence of life, and sometimes an answers rises out of unfathomable depths, a voice of silence woven into pigments”. Since his “St. Paul on the road to Damascus moment” while looking, as a teenager, at a Constable painting Michael “right there and then decided I had to paint”. Over 40 years later he paints daily “it’s like a ritual. I often paint from life and the act of painting is such an important experience that it often takes on spiritual significance. It’s beyond logical thought”.

Michael is acutely aware of his own footsteps continuing along the path of art history; following on and echoing the tradition of some of our great artists in seeking to portray the “impossible mark”. He believes “painting is a conversation or dialogue with artists of the past. Paintings grow from the soil of other paintings”.

Little wonder that he appears in some of the most prestigious galleries and collections. Private collectors purchase his work to experience the genuine thrill of owning his passionate interpretations of the world around us hanging on their walls and also making an astute future investment.

The National Museum of Wales,  The Ashmolean, Oxford, Falmouth Art Gallery, the Royal Cornwall Museum, and Cornwall Council are some of the institutions holding his work. His reputation was much enhanced with The Tate St Ives ‘Porthmeor Beach: A Century of Images’ exhibition in 1995, in which more than fifty of his paintings were shown and brought him much kudos and new collectors of his beautiful paintings.

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