We are pleased to sell works on behalf of  Penny Rumble. Penny is an artist based in Cornwall in the far South West of England. Her love for the sea is evident in her work.Penny is a keen Wild Swimmer and many of her seascapes are painted from this special perspective, this viewpoint imparts a different way of seeing the Atlantic Ocean. In her own words “I can’t help it – I love the sea. Inspiration hits immediately I’m near it. I suppose it’s the power of nature which impresses me most. As an island nation we’re obsessed by the weather which is not surprising because when we are confronted by its extremes we are humbled”. Initially working at speed to capture the immediacy of the scene Penny then returns to her studio where the process of translating the initial impression to the finished work begins. It can take many months of applying layers of oil paint to the canvas or board and developing a relationship with the work before she’s happy with her endeavours and the piece is complete.


Click to see a short film of the artist at work.

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