We are privileged to sell works on behalf of Sax Berlin. Sax, arguably the finest exponent of 21st Century Classicism, has devoted his life to absorbing the culture of art and architecture in Europe, Asia & North America. He is undoubtedly a genius of our times and one of the great secrets of modern art.

When one reviews his oeuvre, 10 distinct & separate styles emerge, displaying Berlin’s mastery of his subject. In fact only Picasso has achieved this height of genius. His students and collectors call him “The Master”.

Berlin is a unique artist, using techniques mastered during his studies; ranging from antiquity through the medieval and Renaissance to the present; he creates the visual outcomes he wants and that delight collectors.

The paintings Berlin has created in his New York, Greek and Cornish studios are of museum quality and are rarely seen in Art Sales offering a combination of beautiful artworks and investment opportunity.

Harvard University refer to him as a Master Artist. The President of the Asia Society on Park Avenue, NYC wrote to Berlin that “your work is beautiful” and Bernard Faure, Professor of Asia Studies at Columbia University wrote “your icons really do have a life of their own”.

Sax Berlin is a modern Master Painter in the truest sense of the term and follows in the footsteps of the Great Masters of the past.

He’s also producing music. Click Here to Listen. Ever talented



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