Artist’s Statement.

Largely self-taught, I have always been fascinated by form and movement, particularly in animals. Consider the ecstatic abandonment of a running horse or the sleek curve of a bird’s neck.

I work in bronze and ceramic. Through the medium of wax and sensual clay, my work seeks to celebrate movement and fluidity; the “spirit” or “essence” rather than the strictly accurate.

My influences are largely unconscious, stemming from a lifetime of observation. I hugely admire the ripped raw edges of Elizabeth Frink; the measured smoothness of Barbara Hepworth; the pared down simplicity of naive folk art.

I work directly with wax or clay, without drawings or models. I find that the medium shapes my work. It tells me what to do; what to make.

All my works are one-off originals.

My expressionist “Circus” horse series references one of my earliest memories. That of a rocking horse standing proudly in a basement window of my childhood neighbourhood of London’s Shepherd’s Bush.

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