We are pleased to sell works on behalf of Peter Rossiter. Peter was born in Cambridge, UK in 1950 and studied at York University & The Courtauld Institute, London. Peter’s background is rooted in the global art world; his Grandfather was the German born British painter, Martin Bloch.

After moving to Wales in 1990 Peter started to paint seriously, he describes his style as reflecting his environmental awareness. This can be seen in both his figurative and abstract work and in the influence of his Grandfathers approach to being an artist. Peter’s work can be found in many private collections in the UK, US, Germany, Austria & Australia. He also curates his Grandfathers collection.

“I am currently much engaged in exploring various facets of the act of painting itself, this process has taken me away from the necessity for depicting physical reference points; I find it very liberating and exciting. I use colour, tone and gesture to evoke mood, and mix the languages  of mechanically reproduced marks with organic forms. I make no differentiation between the works of man and those of nature as they are all visual phenomena. What fascinates me is: what evokes a response? It seems to me this can only be answered by using the subconscious and this chimes well with an artistic practice which verges on the chaotic but can produce images which surprise and delight the mind, and evoke a gut response”.

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