We are pleased to sell works on behalf of Therese James. Therese  is a full time artist painting and exhibiting since 1993. As a member of the Naive School she works from a compulsion to recreate what she feels and sees. As a self taught naive she relies purely on an instinctive approach to her art and has developed her own style with expressive characters who inhabit the world of her paintings. Therese gets much of her inspiration from the places and literature of her native Wales and the West Country of England. She says she paints the way she paints because she doesn’t know “the rules” and her paintings are a journey of discovery.

More recently she has been inspired to use her painterly skills to create wild and untamed responses to nature, creating semi abstracted, almost primal, sea and landscapes reflecting the raw untrained, instinctive way in which she works.

Therese is very well collected with her works in collections in N. America, Europe, Australasia and Asia.

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