Art In The Park. NYC

12th February 2022 2 minutes read

Art is an outward expression of the innermost creative expression. Some places are so integral to these manifestations that their geography is etched into the consciousness. Arguably the most iconic of these locations is Central Park in New York. Covering almost 900 acres acres of World Heritage site the park is home to freely accessible pieces of art.  Public art humanizes the  built environment and invigorates public spaces.
Central Park is also used as a backdrop for artists creating more traditional forms of art. Film and television companies have made it the most filmed location in the world. There are many performances taking place, from Shakespeare to street dance, circus to opera. With many millions of visitors flocking to this beautiful green place in the middle of Manhatton there’s something to delight and encourage debate at every turn.. 
It hasn’t always been the case however, the Park has had a dark and tawdry history and suffered from inadequate public spending on it’s infrastructure by many NYC administrations. Now though the park is a clean safe place for New  Yorkers and tourists to visit for a breath of fresh air and to unwind and relax.
With the advent of safer times the Park has thrived and artists are creating beautiful paintings and installations. Many of these works are landscape paintings showing the Park in different moods and seasons. The Park is so ingrained in our collective consciousness we instantly recognise the places these artists have been depicting. Margaret Dean has painted various pieces set in the Park and she brings a soft, romantic style to her work. Her work paying tribute to John Lennon after his murder outside of his home in the Dakota building is a real homage to her friend from art school. Central Park is an international venue for exhibition events and has hosted artists from all over the globe.  Many of these works are by globally recognised artists, Yayoi Kusama, Fernando Botero, Willem de Kooning and Keith Haring have all offered public art projects and the Park continues to offer an eclectic range of artworks for all to enjoy. 

Richard Veal