The future of contemporary art purchasing? Exploring the rise of online sales

7th June 2023 4 minutes read

The world of art purchasing is changing at an unprecedented pace. With the internet providing access to a vast array of offerings, it’s no surprise that online sales are becoming increasingly popular in the contemporary art market. From established galleries to emerging artists looking to gain exposure, more and more players are turning to digital […]

The Enchanting Cornish Art Scene: A Haven for Creativity and Inspiration

21st May 2023 2 minutes read

Nestled along the rugged coastline of southwestern England, Cornwall has long been a haven for artists seeking inspiration from its breathtaking landscapes, picturesque villages, and rich cultural heritage. The Cornish art scene, with its deep-rooted history and vibrant contemporary community, continues to thrive as a hub of creativity and artistic expression. In this blog post, […]

Trevor Bell: Exploring the Visions of an Artistic Pioneer

16th May 2023 3 minutes read

In the vast landscape of contemporary art, Trevor Bell’s name shines brightly as a pioneer who pushed the boundaries of abstraction and created a distinct visual language. Born in Leeds, England, in 1930, Bell’s artistic journey spanned over six decades and left an indelible mark on the art world. Through his experimental approach, innovative techniques, […]

Abstract Expressionism

15th May 2023 2 minutes read

Abstract Expressionist Painting: Unleashing Emotion and Defying Boundaries Introduction (Approximately 100 words): Abstract Expressionism emerged as a revolutionary movement in the art world during the mid-20th century, challenging conventional notions of representation and venturing into uncharted artistic territories. This influential art movement, characterized by its emphasis on emotional intensity and non-representational forms, left an indelible […]

How to buy original art

2nd June 2022 3 minutes read

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘how to buy original art?’ It is a question that we can answer quite glibly- just buy what you like. But we appreciate this is not always the answer that is desired. For those seeking a more comprehensive answer to the question about how to […]

The phenominal Sax Berlin, master artist.

3 minutes read

If you’re thinking who is Sax Berlin the famous UK artist? You would not be alone. Sax Berlin is a prolific yet largely unknown artist. After you have discovered his work and talent you will join the small, yet highly regarded, legions of fans. These include national figures and collectors in the art world. Sax […]

New York’s Guardian Angels

3rd May 2022 3 minutes read

It seems slightly incongruous to be writing this when the Spring sun is shining through the trees and lambs are frolicing in the field outside. My rural idyll is a long way from the dark and dangerous New York City of the 1970’s & 80’s. The other day I was chatting to someone who has […]

Taste Trends & Neuroscience

20th April 2022 3 minutes read

There’s a reason why we have “the arts” and “sciences” isn’t there? Art is subjective and science is objective, it was always so. But research is showing that the division between them is decreasing. Most of us are familiar with the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui and the rules of harmonious living and positive […]

Art In The Park. NYC

12th February 2022 2 minutes read

Art is an outward expression of the innermost creative expression. Some places are so integral to these manifestations that their geography is etched into the consciousness. Arguably the most iconic of these locations is Central Park in New York. Covering almost 900 acres acres of World Heritage site the park is home to freely accessible […]

Colour and Shape

6th October 2021 3 minutes read

We have all experienced strange times over the last year or so. Only now are we becoming used to the dangers and restrictions that confront us in our daily lives. We are seemingly looking more closely at all our environments and our relationships with them. Here in the beautiful Wye Valley we have been somewhat […]