Buying Art Online, Is it Safe?

19th June 2020 2 minutes read

Found a wonderful work of art on an online art gallery, nervous about committing to the purchase? You shouldn’t be. Firstly a little due diligence to check the credentials of the gallery and you should be good to go. Where are they based? If overseas don’t be worried about shipping, not as expensive as you […]

How To pack A Painting For Shipping

6th November 2019 2 minutes read

How to Package a Painting For Shipment As an art gallery, one of our most nerve wracking times is when we ship a piece to a new owner. It’s always good to be able to track our artworks around the world, but only when the packing is removed do we find out that the work […]

Ceramic Tiles by Salvador Dali “La Suite Catalane”

24th October 2019 3 minutes read

La Suite Catalane In 1976, German lawyer Peter Ackermann made a momentous purchase: He bought 60,000 ceramic tiles designed by  Salvador Dalí. The events that led to the purchase go back many years. One of Ackermann’s clients was struggling financially and couldn’t afford to pay his legal fees. In lieu of payment, he offered to […]

Tree Painting And Symbolism

3 minutes read

Tree Paintings and Symbolism No matter what kind of painting style you look at, chances are that you’ll see a tree in most of them. Modern, abstract, surreal, and various other techniques draw upon this object that can, at best, be described as a symbol of life.  Whether it’s a landscape painting or something more […]

Prints & Print Makers

29th April 2015 2 minutes read

Printmaking in the UK is flourishing, with renewed interest by artists in all forms of traditional printmaking as well in technologically advanced media production. An interested public has responded positively to this surge in activity and to the accessibility and affordability of print. There is an increasing appreciation of the significance of the handmade and […]

New British Talent, Ant Pearce

15th April 2015 < 1 minute read

Ant Pearce’s practice focuses on the concept that man is condemned to exist imprisoned. He explores the fragility of life, drawing on human psychology. Influenced by Freud’s theories and the writings and philosophies of Dostoyevsky, Kafka and Camus, his work alludes to the idea that the omnipresent external authority is what brings about man’s aberrant destructive behaviours. His latest series of work […]

Picasso in a Caravan

30th March 2015 4 minutes read

Picasso in a Caravan The Phenomenon that is Sax Berlin As a gallery White Court Art constantly searches for the very best in contemporary British art and artists. In a small provincial auction several years ago we discovered a fascinating painting the like of which we had never encountered and knew we had to have! After […]