We are pleased to sell paintings on behalf of Carolyn Miller

Carolyn was born in 1941 in Scotland where her father was a British naval officer and submarine commander.
Having shown creative and artistic talent in early years, she was educated at Elmhurst theatrical school near Camberley, Surrey. She then worked in the theatre in London, Paris and Singapore as a dancer and comedienne (with, amongst others, Bob Monkhouse, Dickey Henderson and Benny Hill), before becoming a model in the early 1960s. After that she ran a dress design business in London, manufacturing and selling designer dresses to the pop stars of that time (including Lulu, Sandy Shaw and Susan Maughan). In her mid-thirties she produced intricate botanical drawings, which were exhibited in London by Selfridges and sold as prints by the General Trading Company in Knightsbridge. In the early 1980s Carolyn founded the ‘House of Colour’, Britain’s leading image consultancy, training most of today’s colour & image consultants in Britain and working extensively in the City of London


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