How to buy original art

2nd June 2022 3 minutes read

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is ‘how to buy original art?’ It is a question that we can answer quite glibly- just buy what you like. But we appreciate this is not always the answer that is desired. For those seeking a more comprehensive answer to the question about how to buy original art- this is for you.

What’s your motivation?

It’s much more straightforward to address the question of how to buy original art if you are motivated simply by what you love rather than buying art with a view of making an astute investment. Simply buying art that you love is straightforward but for those who wish to explore buying art as a first-time purchaser or to review and expand their tastes then this blog provides some pointers.

What to consider

If you are not an impulse buyer but a purchaser who takes a more thoughtful approach then there are a few things to consider when buying an original piece of art. Firstly, it is important to understand what type of art you like. You may instinctively know what you like but you may not. Even within different genres of art, there are many different styles. At White Court Art, we specialise in art created by modern and contemporary British artists. A quick look at our gallery page gives you an idea of the range and styles of artworks we sell. Here are a couple of examples to illustrate the point.

Martha Winter
Martha Winter
Samantha Millington
Samantha Millington

Take the time to look at different types of art to get a feel for what style you like. There are ways to learn about art if you want to explore the topic. There are some great resources on the website of the National Gallery.

Then of course you move on to practicalities- what is your budget and where will the art be placed? An important consideration is the size of the artwork- this is particularly important if you are buying original art online. Will the artwork you are considering fit the space for which it is intended?

Where to buy original art

After you have considered the practicalities of buying original art you arrive at the most exciting bit- the purchase. There are many galleries and auction houses from which to choose. Where you buy will be largely guided by your personal preferences and budget. Gallery owners and auction houses are usually happy to help and there is a plethora of information available online. For example, this blog by Sotheby’s Institute of Art addresses what to look out for at an art auction.

The benefits of owning original art

Owning original art is life-enhancing. It has a depth and power that is not replicable in print form. Displaying original art in your own home or office is an expression of your creativity. Your art is a statement of your taste and tells a story. Art evokes emotion and can ‘speak’ to us at a deep level.

Original art often inspires thought and questions about the art, the artist, and the meaning of the piece. This article published by the Arts Society gives some tips about how to look at art. It may also help you discuss art and enjoy the joy of owning original art from another perspective.

We are always happy to discuss any purchase of original art you are considering. Please get in touch with us, we love talking about art, almost as much as we enjoy admiring, curating, and owning it.

Richard Veal